Many trusts contain a provision instructing the trustee to seek out investment counsel to advise on how to prudently invest trust assets. An investment advisor representative is often the best choice for management of trust investments as they are held to a fiduciary duty and are always required to act in the best interest of the client (trust). There are varying investment objectives which investment counsel can help achieve, including capital preservation, growth, income, liquidity, and tax efficiency.

Trust articles often contain language requiring reputable, professional, independent, and disinterested investment counsel. Other requirements might include items such as an investment advisor: that is managing at least five other accounts of equal or larger size; that is compensated for services on fee basis, but not on any percentage of the price of assets purchased or sold; and that is not personally or financially interested in the sale or purchase of assets to or by the trust. Most of the time the trust language allows the trustee to give “discretion” to investment counsel. This means the investment advisor may trade and transact on investments without seeking the prior approval of the trustee.

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