LLC’s & Corporations

Forming a business entity is essential in today’s business landscape. When you properly form a Limited Liability Company or Corporation, and comply with the legal formalities as you go about your business, you create a corporate veil or shield that can help protect your most precious assets, your family and your wealth. The idea is that legally there is a separation of your business assets from your personal assets, so if anybody ever tries to sue you over something business related, they can only go after the business rather than you personally.

Did you know if you do not properly form your LLC or Corporation, or if you fail to comply with the formalities of operating your business entity, a judge could deem your LLC to be nothing more than an alter ego. This means the legal separation or corporate veil you sought in the beginning would be done away with and you could be personally liable if you get sued.

At Baxter Law, we cannot emphasize these principles enough. Even if all you have is something as simple as a beauty business or a rental property bringing in some extra cash on the side, we strongly encourage you to consider setting up an LLC or a Corporation.

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